Fear Must Fall

Fear 2 Timothy 1:7
“For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

I had been a follower of Christ for many years before I discovered for myself that ‘fear’ was a spirit.  It should have been obvious. The elder Paul writes to young Timothy and gives him tremendous insight.  

It was a season during which our firstborn daughter was in a downward spiral, characterized by a pattern of impulsive decisions and reckless behavior.  Over a few year period of time she drifted further from the Lord and put herself in some difficult circumstances.  With her no longer living at home I dealt with blurred facts, an imagination on steroids, and ferocious fear that would seize my heart.

I would wrestle with thoughts that are still too ugly to write… and too powerful to give voice.  It’s difficult to explain.  But restless nights would turn into exhausting days with tormented thoughts.  I then realized that I had opened the door of fear and had partnered with lies.  A demonic stronghold that threatened my sanity had kidnapped natural concern that every parent has for his or her children.  The end result was that a spirit of fear had captured my soul and had robbed me of hope, power and victory.

Once that exchange happens the best of us become manipulative and controlling… instead of loving.  And that was my reality for months on end with only momentary reprieves of peace.  Needless to say my relationship with my daughter suffered as a result.  She felt rejected by me and I felt misunderstood by her.  That’s what the spirit of fear will do when left unchallenged and allowed free access to our minds.

Things began to change when by God’s grace and power I chose to once again walk in love and stop attempting to control things only the Lord has the ability to fix.  Fear and rejection are giants that taunt us with deceptions and lies… and I had embraced them as truth. But the power of God is greater than lies from the devil and the gift of perfect love is often the vehicle used by the Holy Spirit to destroy these strongholds.  

I’ve learned since then that fear can attach itself to many other things… not just relational issues… making routine situations in life a tormenting season that disrupts the peace of God in our lives.    ‘Lord, deliver us this weekend from these imposing giants named fear and rejection and give us victory against our Goliath.  In Jesus name, Amen.’