Goliath Must Fall

David was born last, the baby in a family of older brothers
He spent his earliest years as a shepherd wishing to be a warrior
One day the prophet named Samuel anoints David as the future king of Israel
Instead of quickly ascending to the throne David returns to watch sheep

During those late nights in desolate fields David notices God’s creative power
The array of stars captures his heart and worship grows inside him
David writes beautiful songs in the early morning hours on quiet plains
Songs that would one day become anthems around the world

David also learns another craft during those years as a shepherd
Wild animals threaten the sheep under his care
He becomes quite proficient with a slingshot in his hand
It is a skill that proves very useful when confronted with a different type of animal

That infamous day comes unexpectedly as David is summoned to the front lines
Not as a warrior but as an errand boy… taking supplies to his brothers
A giant named Goliath taunts men trained in warfare but instead are afraid
With one stone a maturing boy kills that giant…and his popularity soars
David is selected to be a musician for the current king of Israel
Saul is a tormented and restless leader
David’s music calms Saul’s soul but also arouses his jealous heart
Jealous kings throw spears and hunt down the target of their bitter rage

Samuel’s prophecy comes to pass after Israel’s king takes his own life
The young shepherd boy has now grown into a man
David eventually becomes the most famous king in his nation’s long history
His stories are legendary… both those of honor and dishonor

The pivotal moment for David came when he conquered fear and faced Goliath
Giants always intimidate… always boast… and always appear indestructible
But ‘Goliath Must Fall’… even when our smallness is evident
In this new series we will face our individual giants… with a slingshot in hand

Terry Crigger

Terry is a husband to Cindy, dad to Ashley and Haley (and Austin), and papa to Rya, Sophia, and Stella. He has served as the Senior Pastor of Christ's Chapel for over 25 years.