Christmas Musicals Gone Wrong

Today I’m sitting in my office listening to our children’s ministry rehearse for our annual Kid’s Christmas Musical. This is one of my favorite events of the year; not because I love musicals (I don’t) but I do love seeing our kids get dressed up and work together to pull off something that points to Jesus in the middle of the holiday season. My favorite part of the kid’s musical is the unplanned things that seem to always happen. I’m talking about the random kids that scream their songs rather than sing them, the costume mishaps, or the toddlers that forget they’re on stage and do things that totally embarrass their parents. I’m sure we can all think of some of these “classic” moments!

As a worship pastor I spend a fair amount of my time working with musicians, singers, and audio/video teams to make sure that our services are as excellent as possible while always offering genuine and heartfelt worship to the Lord. All worship leaders can remember some of those big train-wreck moments in our sets. For us, it’s those moments that we started the song in the wrong key, forgot the words, made up words that made no sense, forgot the intro… you get the point. 

Those moments used to drive me crazy because I always want to bring my best to God. This kind of performance driven ministry is not healthy for the long haul. It took many years but I finally realized that God is a proud dad who looks down on our musical train wrecks kind of like we look at our kids during a Christmas play. It’s not the quality of the performance that moves the heart of God, it’s our love for him… it’s our honesty and affection for him. Perhaps He has a good chuckle when we make a mistake:)

I hope that you are reminded of the love of God for us as you attend kid’s musicals, sing Christmas carols, and attend special Christmas services this season!

If you are a worship leader or worship team member, have a good laugh when you mess up. It makes it a lot less awkward;)

Kris Carey