Wife, Mom, Full Time Employee… In That Order

Do you ever feel like you do lots of things in this life, but none of them well? I do. There are seasons where I am overwhelmed with the demands of life in every capacity, and I try to juggle as best I can, but end up failing in one area, maybe excelling a couple times in another area, only to forget something and end up failing again… It can feel like a vicious cycle!

TAKE HEART! As a Christ follower, the Bible is so relevant to me every single time I open it. I even do that whole, ‘turn to the first scripture that pops into your head’ thing when I’m feeling extra tired ;) and its spot-on (most of the time. Ha.). Whether its reading praises from the Psalms or wisdom from Proverbs, leadership instruction from 1Timothy, or even passionate expressions of grief from Lamentations, there is always something I can grab ahold of.

That’s such an important life lesson for me. In every season, there is something to be learned. I have asked the Lord over the years to ‘give me more time’ or to ‘increase my ability to do things better’. At this point there’s still only 24 hours in a day, and I am still not a chef ;). However, He allows me to go through things and be in situations where I can learn. Learn more about Him. Learn more about my husband, who I am committed to first and foremost (after Jesus, of course ;)). Learn more about how to be a better mother. Ways I can be better at my job. All of these things are a big deal to God. He takes interest in the seemingly mundane things of our lives. How awesome is it when we can be in a season that is difficult or even scary, but immediately respond to Him with trust and adoration. What does that say to the people around us? Those who are watching this journey we call Christianity, waiting for us to either fail or impress?

So I say all of that to say, do not despise the season you are in. Good or bad, we only live once. How will you spend that time? Those around you have need of a Savior. Show them what it means to ‘respond’ to the Lord, instead of ‘reacting’ to circumstances. Fear is not from Him. Its a tool of the enemy that causes us to shrink back from what we are called to. And that calling is to change the world, one step (or person) at a time.


*Disclaimer: The following photos were added by an unnamed party after Kirsten wrote this blog because said party thought you may need a laugh today. :)