Faith Like a Child

The life of a children's pastor.

Not long ago, I asked for a volunteer to pray in Sunday School.  An adorable four year old girl raised her hand, and this was her prayer:  “I pray for my dog Chicken who died a while ago. I also pray for everyone who can’t eat chicken at dinner time, because they're allergic to it.” It was this very moment that captured my heart and love for teaching Sunday School.

Many would say some of their favorite church memories happened in Sunday School. It was a time they learned valuable Biblical truths and Bible stories that left an indelible imprint on their belief in God.  However, what I am discovering is it is tough to find people who feel like they are qualified to teach these essential truths to children now that they are adults. The thought of managing a room full of squirmy tots with snotty noses may scare you to death.  I totally understand that fear, but I also have seen the joy on the faces of adults who have pushed past their fear and discovered a power God gives them to do the impossible.  

Most would believe that our future generations need Jesus more than ever, and Sunday School is what gives us a chance to build solid foundations in our children for years to come.  I’m convinced that if a person tries teaching just once, they too would have their hearts captivated by the very same reason mine was.

I have been through Bible College, I have heard from some of the wisest teachers of our time, but my greatest teachers, by far, have been the children of our church. Your children. I went into this gig thinking that it was my job to pour into their lives. Little did I know that they would pour into mine. I have been taught perseverance from a child who has been in countless foster care homes. I’ve learned what unconditional love looks like from a little girl who prays for her drug addicted mother every week. I now know what unshakable faith looks like as I watch kids pray for each other without a shred of doubt. Children are amazing!  I am beginning to see why Jesus placed so much value on them: “Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.’”  Matthew 19:14

I’m not asking everyone to dive into children’s church head first, but I am going to ask if you would pray. Pray that the Lord sends us laborers, and ask the Lord if that laborer is you.  As a firm believer in our children, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,