Gratitude for the Body of Christ

Each year Christ’s Chapel facilitates a booth at the Boone County Fair to simply point people to Christ’s Chapel and more importantly point folks to Christ.  There have been some amazing stories of redemption throughout the years where we have seen entire families come through the doors of Christ’s Chapel and lives radically changed simply by learning about our church via the Boone County Fair.  

Matt and Carman Lake, along with their children, Dakota, Dallas and Danika, were introduced to our church several years ago by Craig Meyers, who was volunteering at the booth.  Craig simply engaged them in small talk, handed them a card and invited them to our church.  Unbeknownst to him, Matt and Carman had decided that a visit to the fair was their last event as a family as they were in the final stages of a divorce settlement.  In the season of desperation both Matt and Carman separately decided to visit Christ’s Chapel, and that was the catalyst that brought healing to their relationship and introduced them to a personal relationship with Christ.  

Now Matt and Carman selflessly run the booth for Christ's Chapel each year at the Boone County Fair. Evie and I are grateful for The Lakes and all of the volunteers who helped them August 3rd-8th at the fair.   Thank you for passionately and faithfully serving!

On Saturday, August 8th, Brian and Peggy Spradlin led the Infiltrate team in Dayton, KY for a community block party.  They grilled hotdogs, had games and events for the kids, live bands, and everyone who attended in the community received a care basket.  Thank you Brian and Peggy and all who served at this event!  Your hard work and dedication was evident to all who attended.

Monday, August 10th, our church was invited to participate in Newport Independent School District’s Back to School Bash held at the Newport High School football field.  Rick Lehmkuhl and Joe Parrot made several gallons and passed out over 700 cups of lemonade to the families who attended the big event.  Thank you, Rick and Joe, for reaching out and connecting with the residents of Newport and representing Christ!