Outreach: Why We Do What We Do

Each year at Christ’s Chapel, two of our outreach ministries, Infiltrate and Adopt-A-Block, try to make Christmas meaningful for the families they are reaching.  The reason for this is simple.  What we have discovered is for many of our children, what they receive from us just might be the best Christmas present they receive.  As hard as it is for a majority of Americans to fathom, there are people who live in dire poverty right in our back yard.  In Elsmere, we meet at Howell Elementary School each Saturday for Adopt-A-Block.  80.1% of students at Howell are receiving a free or discounted lunch.  Infiltrate meets each Thursday at Newport and Dayton, KY.  At Newport Primary 88.6% of students are receiving a free or discounted lunch.  

Every week, volunteers from Christ’s Chapel faithfully meet in Elsmere, Newport and Dayton, KY to give the targeted residents a warm meal and whatever else we can muster up to show them kindness. 

Would you please consider helping us this Christmas season by giving specifically to our efforts to make Christmas special for families that we reach each week through our outreach ministries, Infiltrate and Adopt-A-Block?  

$5.00 Buys a Gift
We can purchase the items pictured below for $5 through a retailer called Five Below.  Each child in attendance will be able to pick one of the following items: