The Rhythm of Life: Sabbath Rest (Richard Exley)

It happened again, Lord.
I got up late… tired… running behind.
I had an early appointment- then a hundred pressing details.

Others waiting on me to complete my work
so they can get at theirs.
More counseling,
phone calls to return,
people to see…
things to do.

Here it is, 6 p.m.,
and I’m finally getting to my morning devotion!

Forgive me, Father,
You deserve better… I need more.
Make me sensitive to the demands of my body.
Teach me to live within my limits,
physically and spiritually.

Today’s problems started two nights ago.
I stayed up too late,
and again, last night.

If I’m going to work as hard as I do,
make this many demands on my body,
then I’m going to have to listen
when it screams for rest!

Teach me to listen, Lord,
to You and to my body.

Terry Crigger

Terry is a husband to Cindy, dad to Ashley and Haley (and Austin), and papa to Rya, Sophia, and Stella. He has served as the Senior Pastor of Christ's Chapel for over 25 years.