The Importance of Refocusing

Lord, It’s like a real miracle. Today, I genuinely feel so different. I came to you with every nerve singing taunt as a bowstring and my emotions were raw and bleeding. I lashed out at the slightest provocation.  I was angry because it seemed people were taking advantage of me and just bleeding me dry. I was hurt because people were once again misunderstanding my efforts at love and gentleness. I was lonely and crying on the inside because there was no one to hear me and understand me in the moment of my need… or so it seemed.

In desperation I turned to You trying to believe with the prophet Isaiah that waiting on You would renew my strength. It has!

Beholding Your greatness and grace has put life back in focus. My only fear now is that I might forget where I found this strength and sanity. Remind me to come often to You before life gets out of hand. In the future.  Let me come to You not out of desperation but out of love and devotion.  In the name of Jesus, amen.

Terry Crigger

Terry is a husband to Cindy, dad to Ashley and Haley (and Austin), and papa to Rya, Sophia, and Stella. He has served as the Senior Pastor of Christ's Chapel for over 25 years.