Lord, I’m amazed at how you accomplish so much with so little. With a simple piece of wood called a staff, you parted the mighty Red Sea.  With a small smooth stone, you slay a giant. With a boy’s lunch, you fed thousands.

Now I’m reading a story about a man named Gideon, a leader and judge in Israel. His task was to lead a military mission against the mighty men from Midian.  The number of soldiers in the Israeli army exceeded thirty-two thousand. But before launching an attack against this archenemy, you instruct Gideon to gut the number of his fighting men.  Twenty-two thousand fearful men walked away leaving ten thousand to do battle. But you didn’t stop there.   In fact, you kept diminishing the numbers until the logic appeared completely absurd.  You sent 300 men to do battle against thousands.  

The rationale for such action is stated clearly:

“The Lord said to Gideon,  ‘You have too many men. I cannot deliver Midian into their hands, or Israel would boast against me, ‘My own strength has saved me.’”

The results that day were amazing.  You sovereignly prepared the way by giving dreams of defeat to the enemy.  Then, Gideon replaced swords with trumpets, empty jars and torches.  The commotion and confusion on the battlefield caused the Midianites to turn against themselves with their own swords.  Israel was victorious!

Once again, Lord, you show your ability to accomplish great things in unconventional ways.  You will not share your glory with anyone.  Help me as your servant; and help our church to grasp the truth that you sometimes take your people through seasons of less so you can accomplish more, and to assure that pride does not rise up inside of us.  During those moments remind us not to be afraid or to doubt your hand is upon us.  The battle belongs to you, Lord.  It is yours to fight.

Terry Crigger

Terry is a husband to Cindy, dad to Ashley and Haley (and Austin), and papa to Rya, Sophia, and Stella. He has served as the Senior Pastor of Christ's Chapel for over 25 years.