Thank you for your interest in auditioning to be part of Christ's Chapel's Worship Teams. Please read through the requirements below before completing the audition sign up form.

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PHASE 1 - VIDEO AUDITION The first phase of auditions is to submit a video recording of yourself. Singers and Musicians, you may choose three songs that you have heard played at Christ's Chapel and perform them with the original track in the background. (please be sure we can hear you and not just the track). We would suggest picking a variety of tempos/styles. Videos should be uploaded to a video hosting site (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.). Provide link along with your audition application in the form below.

PHASE 2 - LIVE AUDITION Live Auditions will be invitation only. We will email those who we would like to see audition live at this time. In that email we will include the date and times of the live audition. The live audition will happen on a Tuesday night as that is when team night rehearsals take place.


  • US citizen or green card holder
  • Must live in the Northern KY area
  • Must attend Christ's Chapel
  • Must be able to play to a click track (metronome)
  • 2 year minimum band or worship team experience
  • If you are auditioning for keys you must be familiar with MIDI and software-based synths